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Centauri Optics provides various STEM courses  in different fields including but not limited to Optics, Physics, robotic etc. 

Technology changes Life: Design thinking & scientific idea training camp and scientific idea poster competition

Centauri Optics held this competition for all Secondary and Primary schools to join. In this competition, there were over 20 teams and 100 students joined. Centauri Optics provided design thinking and Optical workshop for the participants. Also, students have the opportunity to build their own microscopes. The final competition was held on HKUST the BASE. It required students to design their posters to express the scientific idea The posters were judged by different researchers and professors. 

Design Thinking Workshop

Centauri Optics provides a design thinking workshop to introduce students to the difference between meaningful design and artistic design. In this workshop, the experienced tutor will such concepts to the students and arrange hands-on experience in design thinking. 

Optical Workshop

Centauri Optics provides an Optical workshop for Primary and Secondary students. In this workshop, students will build their own microscope(Centauri developed). Then the students can explore the microscopic world with the microscope. Through the workshop, students can learn some basic optics including but not limited to reflection, refraction and diffraction. 

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