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Product and Services

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A New standard portable microscope

Our microscope with our patented invention is reasonably portable. It is much smaller than every lab grade microscope in the market. It proves more than 1um image resolution, high fluorescence sensitivity, suitable for most of the applications.

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Next Generation miniature point of care device 

Our product is an intelligent diagnosis system utilizing fluorescent microscope imaging with the latest biotechnology techniques to construct a next-generation point-of-care diagnosis (rapid diagnosis) system. 


Customization of Microscope


Optical Consultant

Our experienced optical consultant can prove customized professional advice in optical field based on client's requirement.


Our product is going to create a huge impact to the society by providing a fast and cheap and reliable testing method in various disease. AI image recognition and combination will be added in the future.

We prove customization of microscope depending on the needs of the customers. .Our optical experts will analyze the needs and provide tailor-made optical solutions.Then, we would construct the microscope with optical components that match the company's needs.