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Compact and Fully Portable 

Engineered for performance and ease of use, within a compact and lightweight form factor. Weighing at 150g, the MiniScope is designed for complete portability in field research, lab work, and educational settings. 
Visualising plant cells, animal cells, and fungus easier than ever

Optical Excellence for Diverse Applications

Class-leading image quality. With a resolution down to 1.5µm, and output 2.5K  high definition video feed, the MiniScope can give an impressive 2000x magnification. Meeting the demands of professionals and educators alike.

High image quality for Cell visualisation

Powerful LED and compact optics deliver high-contrast bright-field images without sacrificing quality and portability. Bacteria clusters, blood cells, and fungus, animal, and plant cells can be visualised in and out of the classroom

Easy to Use, Anywhere, optimised for classroom setting

Designed specifically for education, alignment-free optics and driver-free USB connectivity allow for easiest setup and the ability to use it anywhere, anytime.

Weight ~150g
86mm height
2000X *

Blood Cells of Frog


Lilly Pollen

Powerful Resolution and Illumination

Equipped with a powerful upward illuminating LED, enhanced contrast and clarity can be achieved for a wide array of applications.

Cross-Platform Integration

The MiniScope offers universal compatibility, seamlessly integrating with laptops, smartphones, iPads, and desktop computers, PC and Mac. A versatile solution for multi-device environments, allowing annotation and sharing of captured images.

Time lapse footage of micro salt crystal formation.

Small cubic crystals slowly form and merge into larger shapes. We can observe the square shapes a few microns in size. They keep the same geometry as they grow up to centimeters

* digital magnification
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